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This page (restricted to members of the math department) allows you to update your data on this web site. Please take a few minutes to read these instructions carefully. If you need help with this page, the office staff will gladly walk you through this. They can also take your headshot image.

You are asked for several items below. You may use this page repeatedly, this page is additive: Any data entered during a previous session will remain unchanged unless replaced by new data below. For example, you can upload a new headshot image replacing a previously uploaded image.

For faculty, your bio should be 500 or so words (see the bio's under People) with selected pubs if applicable (e.g. your 3 favorite papers). For pubs, use <ol> ... <li> ... </li> ... </ol> tags. For paragraphs, use </p> <p> tags (see Creating Your Own Web Page under Toolbox for basic HTML tags). Note the bio textbox can be enlarged for ease of entry by dragging the lower right corner.

For students, the bio is a description of your interests, your goals, your hobbies, and your life at Temple.

You may insert HTML or \(\LaTeX\) into the bio (click on Toolbox above for HTML or \(\LaTeX\) instructions).

Upload a headshot image. If your photo already appears somewhere on the web site (eg the research pages), no need to re-upload. If you're not sure, join without uploading a photo and see if one appears. If not, then go back and upload one.

This would be a square photo of you (preferably smiling) taken with a reasonably new phone. Crop the photo image so that its height and width are equal, otherwise the web site image may be distorted. The photo should include your face, neck, and shoulders, not your whole body. Have a friend take a picture of you outdoors on a sunny day and e-mail it to yourself, then upload.

Your personal or course web site should be entered, it's or similar.

The web site automatically adds your faculty title. If you have an additional title (e.g. your faculty title is "Instructor" but you are also "Director of XYZ"), enter it below. If you have multiple additional titles, separate them with a pipe |.

Once you hit "Submit", the changes are immediate and may be viewed on the math web site.

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